A Serious Conversation: Jumpsuits

The last few posts have been a little heavy so I thought I would lighten things up with an important conversation about jumpsuits. This is one of those trends that people are a little hesitant to try. And for good reason, they can be pretty tricky to pull off. You have to buy the right cut for your body and wear it to the right occasion with the appropriate accessories. You also have to keep in mind the difficulties of dressing and undressing with a jumpsuit. I would not recommend any jumpsuit that requires you to be double-jointed to zip it up yourself.

And even though they have been a trend for at least two years, there is still some confusion about this trend among the general public, at least in the Midwest. My husband thinks that they resemble pajamas or children’s clothing. And I had another guy friend tell me that I looked like a suburban housewife while wearing one. While I am a suburban housewife, I don’t think that was a compliment. So much love.

But once you take the plunge and wear one, you immediately realize the benefits. They are super comfy, probably because they resemble pajamas. They are also an entire outfit in one piece, like a dress, but pants! Amazing, I know.


I got this one from the Loft a while ago. I like it because it can either be casual (as pictured) or I can throw on a cropped blazer and heels and wear it out or to work. You can find similar, reasonably priced ones in the links below.






I know that I am not the only one who has spent time thinking about jumpsuits. Would love to hear your thoughts!


5 thoughts on “A Serious Conversation: Jumpsuits

  1. Ummm hello!!! I love it! I was totally thinking about my jumpsuit today after our conversation. I’ve tried it on now about 4 times, so I think I’m ready to pull the trigger 🙂

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  2. My roommate was always against jumpsuits/rompers but i told her, you just have to find one that fits you just right. I thought being a bigger girl, I would never be able to find one that looked right. Well I DID! (old navy) and I love it.
    Ps. You look Fabulous!


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