Who is Winning the Mommy War?

No one. No one is winning the Mommy War. The fact that there is even something called a Mommy War and that I am writing about it is absolutely ridiculous.

I have had one child via c-section and the other was not. I used a combination of nursing and formula for both kids. I have worked full-time, part-time and not at all as a mom. I buy organic groceries and let my kids eat McDonald’s. If I bought into all of this Mommy War bullshit, I would be at war with myself.

I think it is safe to assume most moms love their babies and they are doing what they think is best for them. And the reality is that every person we meet can teach us something, so listen to each other instead of judging each other. Take the pieces that hit home and leave the rest alone.

As long as another mom is not endangering her children, then let her be. Keep unsolicited opinions to ourselves. Not only are we hurting the mom who we disagree with, but we are hurting ourselves by letting it eat at us. Let’s use that time to better ourselves or spend it with our kids or fight a war that actually endangers children. Like the war against hunger or the war against poverty or what I find to be the most mystifying war, the war against vaccinations.

I find this mystifying because there should not be a war. We are creating a problem where we already have the solution. It is mind-boggling that people are not vaccinating their kids after science has proven over and over again that it works and it is not linked to autism. And the choice not to vaccinate is not only endangering that child, but all of our children as well as adults. Ok, I will end my rant on vaccinations (for now).  But seriously, get your kids f’ing vaccinated.

How do we stop the Mommy Wars? The way I see it, it is pretty simple. We choose our battles carefully. Use our time wisely. Support our fellow moms. And take a good look inward before looking anywhere else.



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