Maybe Appearances Aren’t So Deceiving

This is a picture of me (the one on the left). No makeup. No filter. No cropping out body parts. It is not the prettiest picture or the most flattering picture, but it is me. And it feels very much like the real me. The happy me. The me that I haven’t felt like in a long a time. And I think that’s evident.


This blog has had a theme of appearances being deceiving, but sometimes they aren’t so much. Sometimes, if you really observe someone, you can see the subtleties that indicate something isn’t quite right. When I was at my breaking point a few months ago, I wasn’t seeing myself when I looked in the mirror. No amount of makeup or blowouts or new clothes would change that. I wasn’t happy with the person I was seeing. She was thinner, but not in a good way. Her skin was dull, her eyes were vacant and her smile wasn’t genuine.

So much of our outward appearance is reflective of how we feel on the inside. I never thought of myself as a person who cared deeply about what others thought, but now I know that to be true. I was spending all this time working on the outside appearance not realizing that if I invested that time on the inside, the outside would eventually fall into place. Things have to be fixed from the inside out. You can’t put a fresh coat of paint on a dilapidated house and expect it not to fall apart. This may seem obvious, but it wasn’t for me, so maybe it’s not for others as well.

This is not to say that I still don’t see the long list of things that I feel are wrong with my appearance, but I am working on it. I am more grateful for what my body can do. How moving my body can help my mind. How happiness can make you glow. How genuine smiles are contagious.

So look closely at each other. Be observant. I feel like so often we look through each other. We don’t stop to read emotions. If someone doesn’t look quite right, ask them if they are ok. And if you’re the one who is looking into the mirror confused as to who is staring back at you, look inside first.


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