Me too. Me. Too.

This past weekend I had the pleasure of hearing Glennon Doyle Melton, author of Carry On, Warrior, speak at a local church. If you don’t already know and love Glennon, check her out. She is a tiny woman with a giant presence. The type of person who just kind of radiates light and positive energy. … More Me too. Me. Too.


40 Nights

I moved out of our house in a hurry. Not abruptly, but quickly. We had been living together for two months after deciding to get divorced. Things were awkward. The tension had lessened, but the air was thick with an eagerness to move on. So when I found the perfect little home on a street … More 40 Nights

Thank You, 2015.

There is a part of me that so badly wants to say: Fuck 2015! Good riddance! 2015 was a no good, rotten, ugly year that I never want to think about again. But the reality is that although it was by far the most challenging of my short 34 years, it was also very much … More Thank You, 2015.

Redefining Family

I’ve thought a lot about how I would begin this post over the last couple of months, but as I sit here staring at blank screen, nothing comes to mind… Dave and I have decided to get divorced. It is a hard phrase to write and even harder to say out loud, mostly because you … More Redefining Family

Falling Into Place

Seven months ago I made the very tough decision to walk away from a position that I accepted only a year previous. I resigned without having a new position lined up, which was scary, but intentional. I knew that I needed to spend time with my kids. I was buried in mom guilt from working nights and … More Falling Into Place

My Truth. My Life. Written by an Anonymous Guest Blogger

FEAR, perfection, anger, resentment, control, playing the victim, depression, suicidal thoughts, and anxiety…those words are what filled my life up until recently. I best describe it as mental slavery as I could not get out of my own head. I grew up in a great family, always had lots friends and was very social. But … More My Truth. My Life. Written by an Anonymous Guest Blogger

The Heavy and Unexpected Burden of Postpartum Depression written by an Anonymous Guest Blogger

Straight A’s, varsity high school athlete, full college scholarship, Master’s degree, avid volunteer, successful career, proud homeowner and Postpartum Depression…one of these things does not belong. Or so I thought… I was newly married when I had my first baby at the young age of 25. My sister had given birth about six weeks earlier … More The Heavy and Unexpected Burden of Postpartum Depression written by an Anonymous Guest Blogger

I’m an Introvert!

When I set out on this journey to “find myself.” I wasn’t sure where to start. I knew that I needed to become a better person. I knew that I needed to prioritize my life and figure out what makes me happy, but I wasn’t sure how to do that. So I approached it methodically, … More I’m an Introvert!